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The durable and attractive Victorian ridge finials that we provide are designed to sit at the end of your roof and add character to any home in the UK. Our choice of finials gives you the chance to have a unique decoration on your property that’ll help your home to stand out. Call Mountfield Quality Products Ltd now to find out more.

Decorating Your Roof

For a stylish and bespoke look to your home, add one of our eye-catching ridge finials. These are extremely popular for new housing estates and new builds, with high-quality products provided to perfectly adorn any property.

Our stunning finials are available in an array of individual sizes and are made to fit 18-inch ridges. Our most popular items include:

Decorating Your Roof

  • Ball Top

  • Lion

  • Scroll

  • Dragon

  • Fleur-De-Lys

Crafted in Clay

Adapted to fit most ridge tile profiles, our finials are uniquely crafted in clay and fired in our kiln to over 1100°C. We use a specially formulated mix to ensure a clean, durable finish. All finials are made-to-order and the process takes around four working days to complete. For special projects where we match an original finial, we used a heavy, grogged clay with lead times of up to four weeks.

Though our prices are affordable, the cost of each project is based according to the difficulty of the work involved. Contact us today for an estimate on the products you need.

Sourcing Your Finial

Our team can advise on the right choice to make and guide you to your nearest Stockist when you’re looking for a new finial. If you are seeking original Victorian or Georgian Clay Finials to match ones already in place, get in touch.

We’ve sourced and/ or repaired finials in the past and even replicated originals. Your contact with us will begin the process that leads to achieving your requirements.

Clay Finials in Stock

Clay Finials in Stock

  • BALL TOP on Standard, (Non-Decorative) Ridge

  • BALL TOP on Decorative Ridge (Customer's Ridge)

  • BALL TOP on Decorative Ridge (Supplied by MQP)

  • FLEUR-DE-LYS on Standard (Non-Decorative) Ridge

  • FLEUR-DE-LYS on Decorative Ridge. (Customer's Ridge)

  • FLEUR-DE-LYS on Decorative Ridge. (Supplied by MQP)

  • SCROLL on Standard, (Non-Decorative) Ridge

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If you need the perfect thing to top-off your home, choose our Victorian ridge finials.

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