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When you need to conserve the character of an older property, it can be difficult to find the right products. However, at Mountfield Quality Products Ltd we provide a range of reclaimed roof tiles and discontinued roofing products to give you exactly what you need. Based in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham, we have a great range of products, so get in touch today!

A Range of Supplies

Finding the perfect tile is often difficult. Traditional stores don’t sell them and this makes it hard to match up products when you’re undertaking a repair, replacement, or extension in the local area. Our trusted suppliers and manufacturers make it much easier to find the perfect products.

We’re always delighted to match the right product with our customers and we have access to an assortment of models, styles, and ages. These products are typically made from:

A Range of Supplies

  • Slate

  • Concrete

  • Stone

  • Composite

  • Clay

Our Products

Our Products

  • Marley Monarch Roof Tiles

  • Marley Bold Roll Roof Tiles

  • Redland Delta Roof Tiles

  • Delta ‘Cut’ and ‘Uncut’ Ridge

  • Redland ‘51’ Roof Tiles

  • Redland ‘52’ Roof Tiles

  • Redland Richmond Roof Tiles

  • Redland Caledonian (Both Reclaimed and Replica) Roof Tiles

  • Stone Ridge (Various Profiles and Lengths)

  • Natural Slate (Various Sizes and Qualities)

  • Plain Tiles – Concrete or Clay

  • Clay Pantiles

  • S/H Boroughbridge

  • S/H Gaelic

  • S/H Courtrai

  • S/H Beauvais

  • Crossley Tudor Pantiles

  • Old English Pantiles

  • Half-Round Ridge

  • Segmental Ridge

  • Capped Angle Ridge

  • Roll Top Ridge

  • Block-End Ridge

  • Hip Starter Ridge

Match Your Roof

It’s important to make sure that the tiles match when carrying out roofing work. It is more cost effective and ideal to source what you already have, rather than going to the lengths of replacing your entire roof. Due to the profiles of various types, you are able to place a tile which will not fit with what is already there. This is why our team are on hand to source the exact product you need for any work to be undertaken.

Interested in Our Reclaimed Tiles?

Our reclaimed roof tiles and discontinued roofing products give your home something a little different.

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