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Reliable Vent Tile Conversions for Your Home

Rely on the experts at Mountfield Quality Products Ltd to provide free-flowing air in your loft and roof space. The vent tile conversions and loft ventilation services we offer ensure that condensation, damp, and bad smells are banished for good. Our goal is to provide cost-effective ventilation products for pitched roofs, so get in touch now!

Convert Your Roof

Utilise our vent tile conversions for an ideal, affordable way to combat all of the negative issues associated with condensation. In many properties, insulation laid over loft ceilings can cause a cold roof scenario. Moist air rises into the loft space and unless it can evaporate away, it condenses on the roof felt and eventually will cause timber rot and associated problems. Stop this from happening by choosing us!

Fixing Your Roof Vents

Generally, our installations can be fixed anywhere within the tiled area of the roof but always in accordance with site conditions and good fixing practice. Correct installation is ultimately the responsibility of the fixer, though we are able to provide a basic guide to installation if required.

The net ventilation area of each unit is no less than 7,850 mm². Our conversions can also be used in soil vent and mechanical extraction applications by using an appropriate uPVC flexi-pipe component pack. As well as vent tile conversions, we also offer air vent ridge and gas vent ridges in industry-standard profiles and colours.

Fully Assembled Equipment

Each vent tile conversion is fully assembled and including a dense massed cowl cap and integral zinc-plated fixings. The uPVC cover mesh we use prevents birds and large insect ingress, while a spigot pipe is there to assist airflow direction. The cowl cap is attached to the tile initially by a concrete adhesive and secondly by our unique mechanical bolt to ensure that is does not detach under treacherous weather conditions. This dual fixing is a major safety feature of our products.

Need to Add Roof Ventilation?

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