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MQP Ornamental Ridge Tiles from MQP in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Enhance the look of your property with our collection of decorative ridge tiles. At Mountfield Quality Products, our concrete ridges are available in a range of styles and colours that compliment the main roof tiles or slates, adding to the kerb appeal of any property. Complete the look with our stunning end-ridge finials.

Transforming Your Home

Tiles Piled

Our products add value to the market price of your home and help to transform it or freshen it up with an affordable new look. We have a range of options to choose from, so you're sure to discover the perfect ridge tiles at our company. Available in a variety of bespoke colours, from terracotta to dark grey, our Victorian inspired Decorative ridge tiles are available in the industry standard 450 mm long. From modern to segmental and decorative profiles, we typically provide ones which are:

3-Hole Crested - 4-Hole Bullnosed - Fleur-De-Lys – Coxcomb.

New designs are being added as well as bespoke customer 1-off  requirements.

Compliment Your Roof

Our products help compliment your roof as well as offering an affordable solution to your ridge needs. Block-end and hip starter ridges are also available and are highly popular for clients with low maintenance in mind.  We also offer bespoke decorative inserts for specialist projects that help to further enhance the appearance of your roof. We supply a range of ridge tiles including:

Standard Ridge - Segmental - Modern - Plain Angle - Capped Angle – Mono- Roll Top - Baby Ridge-DeltaRidge- Stone Ridge.

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information about our decorative ridge tiles and Victorian roof tiles.

Concrete Ridge Products in Stock

♦ Ridge: 450mm   Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Segmental  Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Plain Angle 75°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Plain Angle 90°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Plain Angle 110°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Plain Angle 120°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Plain Angle 135°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Capped Angle 90°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Capped Angle 110°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Capped Angle 135°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Uni-Angle (legged angle).
♦ Ridge: 450mm   'Hogsback'
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Roll-Top 90°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Roll-Top 110°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Mono 40°
♦ Ridge: 450mm   Mono 60°
♦ Ridge: 300mm   'Baby' Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 300mm   'Baby' Segmental Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm   BLOCK-END RIDGE (State Type).
♦ Ridge: 450mm   HIP STARTER BLOCK-END.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 3-hole Crested Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 3-hole Crested Segmental Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 4-hole Bullnosed Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 4-hole Bullnosed Segmental Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 'One-size' Fleur-de-lys Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 'One-size' Fleur-de-lys Segmental Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 'Major/Minor' Fleur-de-lys Modern Profile.
♦ Ridge: 450mm 'Major/Minor' Fleur-de-lys Segmental  Profile.
♦ 450mm Air Vent Ridge: 'In-Line style' (most profiles).
♦ 450mm Air Vent Ridge: Modern Profile.
♦ 450mm Air Vent Ridge: Segmental Profile.
♦ 450mm Air Vent Ridge: Uni-Angle (legged angle) Profile.
♦ 450mm Gas Vent Ridge: Modern Profile.
♦ 450mm Gas Vent Ridge: Segmental Profile.
♦ 450mm Gledhill-type pipe support Gas Flue Ridge.
♦ M.Q.P.  Vent Tile Conversions. (VTC)     Most Tile Types.
♦ M.Q.P.  Plain Tile Conversions.   
♦ M.Q.P. 'BAT Access’ Vents.                      Most Tile Types.
♦ M.Q.P. 'BAT Access’ Vents.                      For PLAIN Tiles.
♦ M.Q.P. 'BAT Access’ Vents.                      For RIDGE Tiles.